cPanel 11

Disk Space Usage

The cPanel Disk Usage Viewer allows you to see where the files are in your site that are taking up disk space. You can use the viewer to view all of the files in your site and find out how much space each file takes up. Please note that this number does not include files outside your home directory. This will show a different usage number than the statistics on the main screen of your interface.

Disk Usage Summary
/ 0.05 Meg
other0.04 Meg
public_html 0.02 Meg
tmp0.02 Meg
mail 0.01 Meg
public_ftp 0.00 Meg
etc0.00 Meg
logs0.00 Meg
Total0.14 Meg

Current Path: /
Current Depth: 2

Delete Selected
Directory Size (MB) Select:All,None
mail/new 0.00 Meg
public_ftp/incoming 0.00 Meg
public_html/cgi-bin 0.00 Meg
tmp/webalizer 0.00 Meg
public_html/images 0.01 Meg
tmp/awstats 0.00 Meg
tmp/webalizerftp 0.00 Meg
mail/cur 0.00 Meg
mail/tmp 0.00 Meg
tmp/analog 0.00 Meg
.cpanel/datastore 0.03 Meg

Total: 0.09 MB (includes files at this directory depth)


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